Medically Assisted Weight Loss

 An innovative solution for long term weight management

What is the Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program?

The Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program is a specialized program designed by our prescribing pharmacist after many years of research. Drawing on his background in pharmacology and health and wellness he was able to design a program designed for lifelong management that addresses all the key contributing factors to weight gain. Rather than yo-yo dieting this system is designed to be a lifelong solution.

How does the Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program work?

The first step in this program is a consultation with Stefan. Prior to the appointment we will send you a comprehensive batch of intake forms including medical history, family history, social history, and far more. During the first consultation (usually about a 1.5 hour appointment) Stefan will go over all these forms in further depth and ask you more questions. From this he is able to work with you on setting a plan which will include an exercise regimen, planned fasting, healthy meal planning, and medication as well as a 12-week injection schedule. You will come in once weekly for this injection and to weigh in and track progress to ensure you’re keeping on the right track and tweaking as needed. 


The biggest benefit to this program is that it is a long-term solution – we help you get going but you can stay this course for the rest of your life!
  • Exercise regime that is easy to do at home and doesn’t require weights or special equipment
  • Easy to follow and make recipes
  • Weekly follow ups- careful tracking to ensure that you’re on track throughout the process

Process & Treatment

There is generally 12 weeks worth of injections and 5-6 months worth of medications, and we follow up with you weekly or bi-weekly during this time.

Initial Consultation costs $200, should you choose to go forward with the program it is an additional $2400.