Jessner Peel

A medium depth chemical peel with superior results

What is a Jessner Peel

The Jessner Peel is a medium depth, in office peel that exfoliates the skins outermost layer in order to create a smoother, fresher appearance with improved tone and texture. 

How does the Jessner Peel work?

The Jessner uses a combination of three ingredients, salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol. These ingredients loosen the bonds between old and new skin cells, allowing the dead skin to be lifted, and as well helps to clear out pores and reduce sebum that contributes to breakouts.


The Jessner Peel can be used to address concerns on a variety of regions most popularly the face and back.

  • Reduces breakouts and blemishes
  • Helps to lift excess surface pigmentation
  • Reduces build up of dry, dead skin cells
  • Minimizes the appearance of acne scarring (PIH)
  • Leaves a fresher smoother appearance
  • Results in a more even skin tone with less discolouration

*Certain skin types may need to follow a pre-treatment skincare regimen in order to minimize risk of hyperpigmentation, and to ensure optimal results.

Process & Treatment

This can vary greatly between patients; however, packaging is generally in 1 or 3 treatments. The Jessner can also be performed in the same appointment as a Dermal Infusion or Lumecca in order to get the best results.

Immediately after the appointment skin generally looks red, and somewhat irritated. Over the next several days peeling will occur. The duration and the intensity of peeling will vary based on the condition of the skin; the general time frame is between 3-7 days. During this time the skin will generally look red and irritated, much like severe sunburn. As the dead skin separates and peels off the skin that is left underneath will look fresh and new, healthier than before!

30-45 minutes

The process of a Jessner Peel is quick and easy.

At Captivating Aesthetics, the first step for any new patient is to book a consultation with our team experts. During this consultation a brief medical and relevant aesthetic history will be taken. You will have the chance to discuss your treatment concerns, your treatment goals, your fears and concerns in regards to the actual treatment itself. Your full treatment plan, along with expected maintenance will then be discussed.
A detailed series of photographs will be taken at every visit to compare your results to your baseline pictures, as well as monitoring progression of results.

Same day treatment is often possible and is usually discussed at the time of booking the consultation. Do note that there may be certain safety factors that may influence same day bookings, such as recent sun exposure (4 weeks), the use of artificial tanning solutions and certain prescription medications. As well some skin types may require preconditioning skincare before a Jessner Peel in order to minimize the risk of PIH or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a type of scarring that manifests as darker areas of skin.

**Prior to a Jessner Peel we ask that you stop using any topical retinol for at least three days prior to your appointment**

Once you arrive at our office our front-end team will greet you and give you some quick and easy intake forms to fill out. Following these forms we will get a set of baseline photos, and your treatment technician for the appointment will meet with you. They will ensure you understand the procedure, make sure your skin is adequately prepared, and bring you back into one of our treatment rooms. The Jessner Peel is self-neutralizing so they will apply 1-2 layers, and simply leave on. You may experience a hot or stinging sensation for the first few minutes, which we can help minimize with a fan.

Mineral makeup can be applied the following day; however, many patients find applying makeup tends to exacerbate the appearance of the peeling and prefer to go without for a few days.

As there are a variety of areas that can be treated pricing does vary, but the cost of one treatment for face is $145