Pigmentation and Melasma

What are Pigmentation Laser Treatments?

General skin lightening treatments have become possible today thanks to advances in medical laser technology. Using non-invasive laser therapy, it is possible to effectively treat skin surface pigmentation conditions such as melasma, sun spots, and uneven dark patches due to the overproduction of melanin in the epidermis of the skin.


How does Pigmentation Lasering work?

The laser works by targeting the brown pigment, or “melanin,” present in the skin of these spots. This pigment absorbs the laser’s energy and becomes scattered within the skin’s tissues. The rest is done by the body’s own immune system as the skin’s cleansing cells, called “macro-phages,” digest the excess pigment and clear it from the area.


Safe and effective, no bleeding or scars, controlled, accurate and precise treatment, improves skin texture and tone, no anesthesia, and long-lasting results.

Process & Treatment

The number of treatments depends on the severity and type of pigmentation. This can be anywhere from 3-6 treatments.

There is initial darkening of the lesions which may last up to 10 days. Treatments are spaced 4-6 weeks apart and results will be noticed after the first few treatments.

30-45 minutes, depending on the targeted lesion.

At Captivating Aesthetics, the first step is to book a consultation with our team experts. During this consultation, a brief medical and relevant aesthetic history will be taken. You will have the chance to discuss your treatment concerns, your treatment goals, your fears, and concerns regarding the actual treatment itself. Your full treatment plan, along with expected maintenance will then be discussed.

A detailed series of photographs will be taken at every visit to compare your results to your baseline pictures, as well as monitoring progression of results.

Once you have a treatment plan in place, photos are taken, and you come in for your appointment you will be escorted to the laser room. Lesion removal may be up to 4 different “types” of lasering in the same treatment and may feel warm, but not painful.

Photographs may be done immediately after the procedure. You will also receive specific after-care directions. The most important of these is avoiding direct sun exposure, compliance to SPF application and re-application.

Pigmented lesion laser pricing depends on the area being treated. The best way to find out pricing is to call the office or discuss during a consultation.