Fatigue Management

Fatigue is a lingering tiredness that is constant and limiting.

What is Fatigue?

With fatigue, you have unexplained persistent, and relapsing exhaustion that is very often described as a “brain fog”. It may feel similar to how you feel when you have the flu or have missed a lot of sleep. You may also feel like you are unable to function at full capacity and potential in both your personal and professional life. Severe fatigue is often debilitating and overwhelming and you may feel too exhausted to manage your daily affairs.

What causes fatigue?

To list the causes of fatigue would be an inexecutable task. Fatigue is a multifactorial condition, and therefore each case is assessed and treated on an individual basis. The cause of your fatigue could be analyzed based on your specific presentation, such as time of day fatigue, lack of sleep, inability to do activities or handle stress, inability to recover, exhaustion or burnout. Optimal functioning of energy-producing systems is not only important to feel better, but has important health benefits like anti-aging, cardiovascular, mental and sexual health, improved productivity and cognition, anti-inflammatory and immune support to name but a few!

What are the main triggers?

  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Nutritional: Low glucose utilization and low glycogen stores
  • Physical inactivity: Patients with fatigue understandably often shy away from physical activity.
All of the above can be caused by or related to thyroid, electrolyte and even hormonal imbalances

Process & Treatment

Fatigue is a multifaceted medical condition with many causes and contributing factors. The options we offer for this condition at Captivating Skin Health and Wellness are uninsured medical treatments, and therefore not covered by health care.

An initial consultation fee of $70 is due upon booking. Depending on the formal assessment, you may be sent for bloodwork which would potentially be covered by health care.

Depending on your treatment plan, some medication may be covered by your health care insurance. This will all be thoroughly discussed during your consultation.