Collagen & Elastin Biostimulation: Sculptra, Radiesse

Preserve your skin health; preserve your youth. Be the best version of you by stimulating your body’s own collagen production.

What Are Bio-Fillers?


Sculptra Aesthetic and Radiesse are FDA and Health Canada-approved injectable bio-fillers that help gradually replace lost collagen. We start losing collagen around the age of 30 onwards. Collagen is the most common protein in the body that is used to form a framework to support cell and tissue resulting in a strong, radiant and smoother skin. With aging we lose facial structure and volume, which causes sagging, crepey skin and a prematurely aged appearance. Often we will hear our new patients saying “I just want to look as young and healthy as I feel”.

Sculptra and Radiesse are used in a diluted form to be able to offer over-all skin rejuvenation. Radiesse may also be used in its non-diluted form to provide crisp, clean structural support like no other filler on the market. This is often used in jawline and cheek sculpting.

The difference between Dermal fillers and bio-fillers is that dermal fillers are hyaluronic acid based and bio-fillers are either poly-L-Lactic acid or Calcium Hydroxy Appetite based. Hyaluronic acid resemble our own tissues, whereas the bio-filler stimulate the formation of our own structural tissues. Both HA and Bio-fillers can be used either alone or in conjunction to replace these volume and structural losses, and so restoring us to our youthful complexion.  

A very common mistake is to confuse the two most widely used injectables: Neuromodulators, like Botox & Dysport, and Dermal Fillers. Although both are injectables, they are by no means the same. In essence a neuromodulator is injected into an overactive muscle/muscle group, with the aim to soften muscle movement in the targeted areas, and so preventing fine lines and wrinkles that prematurely age us. Dermal and bio-fillers however are used to replace loss of volume and structural deficiency respectively. It is injected into the area of concern, and does not directly affect muscle movement.

At Captivating Aesthetics we only use products that are Health Canada approved. By offering the most recent and advanced injection techniques, and carefully discussing your treatment goals during a face to face consultation, we create a safe environment for those clients that are new or known to the world of Bio-fillers.  Dr Zwanepoel is one of the top users of Sculptra in Canada, because at Captivating we are passionate about natural and long-lasting results.

Areas that Bio Fillers are commonly used:
  • Hollow temples
  • Jawline and Chin contouring
  • Cheeks- Volume loss, fine lines, contouring and facial balance restoration
  • Nasolabial folds- Volume loss
  • Marionette lines and accordion lines
  • Crepey skin around the eye and tear trough
  • Crow’s feet and other fine lines
  • Neck and Décolletage- fine lines
  • Hands- Volume loss and premature aging

How do They Help?

Bio fillers stimulate your body to produce integral structural collagen networks, so to slow the aging process, or replace age related areas of loss resulting in a natural rejuvenated appearance. They are especially popular for addressing facial descent or sagging, and they also produce a long-lasting overall improvement of tone, texture, hydration and overall complexion.

Bio fillers are best used in conjunction with a customized skincare regimen, Botox/Dysport and minimally invasive treatments to diminish fine lines and prevent the progression of the signs of premature aging long-term.

Dr Zwanepoel is an expert in the field of injectables, and by using the newest, most specialized techniques and methods, concerns from all areas of the body can be addressed. Areas of preventable premature aging that can be treated include, but are not limited to areas such as the neck, décolletage ( chest area), inner arm, knees and even the hands.

Before After


  • Complete rejuvenation by addressing tone, texture and hydration concerns
  • Creating structural support and improving the appearance of facial sagging
  • Scar revision
  • Minimally invasive with virtually no recovery or social down time needed
  • Long lasting, natural results

Process & Treatment

30 minutes Face, 30-60 minutes Body

The actual process of getting Bio Fillers ( Sculptra and Radiesse) is simple and time efficient.

At Captivating Aesthetics, the first step is to book a consultation with Dr Wilhene Zwanepoel. During this consultation a brief medical and relevant aesthetic history will be taken. You will have the chance to discuss your treatment concerns, your treatment goals, your fears and concerns in regards to the actual treatment itself.

Photographs will be taken, after which there will be a facial assessment and mapping. This process includes evaluating your full facial appearance, areas of asymmetry (if any), facial movement and skin tone to examine the specific areas of your face that will be augmented.

Your treatment plan will then be discussed.  

Same day treatment is often possible and is usually discussed at the time of booking the consultation. 

After booking, our friendly team will send you a link to our patient portal which allows you to complete the necessary forms in the comfort and safety of your own home. Once you arrive for your appointment, our front office team will get a set of baseline photos, and Dr Zwanepoel will meet with you to ensure you understand the procedure before commencing.

Before injection, the treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. Specific treatment zones may be mapped out. Freezing at the entry points ensure that the procedure is virtually pain free.  The actual placement of the product only takes around 30-45 minutes (depending on the number of areas treated).

Photographs will be done immediately after the procedure. You will also receive specific after-care directions.

As each individual has very specific goals and needs, every treatment plan differs. This will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation.