What is an Aquagold facial?

Aquagold is a revolutionary delivery device that consist of a chamber and a microneedling tip. The microchannel applicator allows deposit of microdroplets of the active ingredient cocktail SPECIFICALLY formulated for your skin needs.

How does Aquagold work?

Aquagold works by using 24K gold microneedles which are thinner than a human hair to deliver a customized “skin-cocktail”  which may include ingredients such as neurotoxins, hyaluronic acid, PRP ( platelet rich plasma), Hyaluronic acid  fillers, Vitamins and more. By stimulating increased blood flow and nutrients to the skin you can achieve a naturally radiant and refreshed look. It’s the perfect facial to book  before a big event such as a wedding or a birthday celebration to get your skin looking the best it has ever been.


Aquagold helps with a variety of concerns
  • Leaves a fresher smoother appearance
  • Results in a more even skin tone with less discolouration
  • Increases skin hydration
  • Improves radiance

Treatment & Process

Aquagold can be done as a one off treatment prior to a special event or it can be done monthly for the best results.

Immediately after the appointment your skin may appear slightly red or pink, but this will go down quickly, and leave fresh healthy skin showing!

30-45 minutes

The process of an Aquagold is quick and easy.

At Captivating Aesthetics, the first step for any new patient is to book a consultation with our team experts. During this consultation a brief medical and relevant aesthetic history will be taken. You will have the chance to discuss your treatment concerns, your treatment goals, your fears and concerns in regards to the actual treatment itself. Your full treatment plan, along with expected maintenance will then be discussed.
A detailed series of photographs will be taken at every visit to compare your results to your baseline pictures, as well as monitoring progression of results.
Same day treatment is often possible and is usually discussed at the time of booking the consultation.

After booking our friendly team will send you a link to our patient portal, which allows you to complete the necessary forms in the comfort and safety of your own home. Once you arrive for your appointment,  our front office team will get a set of baseline photos, and your treatment technician for the appointment will meet with you. They will ensure you understand the procedure, make sure your skin is adequately prepared, and bring you back into one of our treatment rooms. Topical freezing can be applied at home or in the office. Your “Aquagold skin health cocktail” is then delivered in a pain free and effective manner. After the treatment we will apply a brightening mask to complete your spa-like experience.

After the treatment you are free to resume your normal activities however your technician may go over any post care guidelines specific to your case.

Mineral makeup can be applied the following day.

As there are a variety of ingredients that can be used pricing does vary but starts at $900.