Stefan Zwanepoel

Prescribing Pharmacist/BHRT, Hair Restoration, & Weight loss Specialist

Stefan Zwanepoel, Ph.C, RPh, APA is a South African trained North West University School of Pharmacy graduate, currently practicing in Grande Prairie, Alberta. While completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Physiology and Kinesiology, a keen interest in pharmacology and the effects of pharmaceuticals sparked a passion to pursue pharmacology as a career. He was accepted into South Africa’s oldest, most prestigious School of Pharmacy from which he graduated in 2000. Upon graduation he received the Victor Ludorum Trophy for Sportsman of the Year. While manning a rural primary care clinic, a thirst for knowledge led to his successful completion of a Diploma in Primary Care Drug Therapy. In the timeframe 2010-2013, before immigrating to Canada, he provided a consulting service as part of a multidisciplinary setting. Working alongside specialist physicians, physiotherapist, occupational therapists and nurses, his knowledge proved invaluable in the search for optimal therapy and rehabilitation of patients requiring critical care. His love for teaching led to Stefan focusing his efforts on advising medical students and interns, nurses and physicians on applied clinical pharmacology and therapeutic choices. After moving to Canada in 2014 and accepted to the Canadian clinical pharmacy register, he rapidly obtained his Additional Prescribing Authority with the Alberta College of Pharmacists and started working as a pharmacist prescriber. His passion to not only treat patients, but also improve their quality of life, led him to seek education that would support this ideology. After completing numerous certifications with The Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine, he got an opportunity to work within an aesthetic clinic that shared his focus and aspiration. His interest in Functional Medicine and anti-aging treatments was sparked.

Currently Stefan divides his time practicing as a clinical and prescribing pharmacist and managing Captivating Health and Wellness Centre’s, Medical Assisted Weight-loss program, Bio-identical Hormone therapy Clinic and Hair restoration treatments. And we all know, when he is not in the clinic you will find him with his family, or behind the computer learning more so he can offer you the safest and most updated medical treatment plan.