There are now words! The service is incredible, though I know I’m one of many, I feel as though Stefan took the time to get to know me and learn what my needs are. I always feel completely informed and the extensive knowledge Stefan has about the inner workings of the body and why you may be feeling a certain way are always explained in a way that you fully understand. One evening I had a question and directly texted Stefan, thinking he would get back to me in the next, but instead took the time to get back to my right away and spent time ensuring I was comfortable with the information. I am not local to GP, but that has made no difference in the quality of care I have received. The front end staff are always helpful as well, they call back right away and get you the best possible appointment for you, as well as ensure your requisitions and prescriptions are sent to the correct places as quickly as they can. I couldn’t be happier that I contacted Captivating Aestetics.