Hayley Lane

Executive Lead & Team Wellness CEO

Hayley joined the Captivating team in September 2022 with a background in banking and years of customer service.
With 13 years of banking experience which included roles such as Financial Planning and Management, she found that what made her heart sing was helping others and making a difference in their lives. Whether that involved sitting with clients helping them reach their financial goals or coaching her team to success, she loves to share her knowledge and experience with those around her.
It’s no coincidence that she sought to join the Captivating Team as she deeply admires the passion that Dr Zwanepoel and Stefan have for enriching the lives of those around them.
Health and Wellness have been a part of her daily life for many years, and she is overjoyed to work with a team that strives to improve the health and wellness of each person that comes into the clinic.
Her downtime is filled with time spent with family and friends, yoga, running with Sable (her dog) and of course showing love to those around her by baking delicious treats. She’s excited to be a part of such an amazing and talented team of professionals with hearts to serve and a grand vision of the future.